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Work out. Have fun. Eat well. We’re sure you’re doing a kick-ass job already. But did you know good nutrition makes a big difference to the effect of your workout? We believe your active body deserves only the best 100% natural protein nourishment. Have a look at our products which we perfected for you and your lifestyle.


From athletes to entrepreneurs, we support the active lifestyle of all types of women


Regina Romeijn


A full-time job, two children. With my busy lifestyle, my workouts are the perfect way to blow off some steam. With FITSHE I can also give something back to my body. I love the pure and delicious taste, and the portion packs are ideal to bring with me everywhere. Just shake it well, and I’m good to go again”


Stefanie Klaver


“I had been looking for a pure and organic protein brand for a while, and I love to sell FITSHE to my customers. The taste is great and natural, and contrary to most protein shakes, I haven’t heard anyone complain about stomach problems or bad skin. The ingredients are really top quality!”


Christina Koelewijn

Nike Training Club Master Trainer

“I teach group workouts almost every day, and afterwards I always recover with a FITSHE shake. I really notice the difference in the recovery of my body. Ladies often ask me if they don’t turn into bodybuilders when drinking shakes. Definitely not, but it does relief me from my muscle soreness.”




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  • With FITSHE I would like to support your active lifestyle so you can live your life to the fullest

Since I was a teenager I wanted to start my own company and I am very grateful for the opportunities given that have led to starting FITSHE. FITSHE is a new product platform for active bodies.

FITSHE stands for what I believe in: 100% natural, organic, and without any artificial sweeteners or other artificial additives. Eating well and training my body – instead of diet and exercise – lets me get everything out of life on a daily basis. And I believe this to be true for everyone. I’m sure my active lifestyle has always helped me push further and get closer to myself. To me, living an active lifestyle doesn’t mean always having to limit myself. So while I celebrate the idea of getting out of my comfort zone, and truly believe challenging oneself is crucial for personal growth, being kind and letting loose is just as vital – in order to become the best possible versions of ourselves. Both Push and Play!

With FITSHE I would like to support your active lifestyle so you can live your life to the fullest. In my view it’s not the active lifestyle – or the body that comes with it – that is the end goal. It’s just the beginning.