FITSHE offers products that fit your healthy lifestyle. We believe you get the most out of life when you take care of yourself, lovingly and consistently. That is why we develop our innovative recipes ourselves. The result: 100% natural and organic products that carry the benefits for your body. Pure in taste and GMO free.

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The benefits

Brigitte van T

Just received the delicious products from FITSHE. Super nice that they are natural and taste good too. The blender bottle is fantastic because it prevents lumps in my shake. I am a fan!

Lotte D. + boyfriend

Love these products! Great it's vegan with a delicious taste. Most proteins from other brands give me trouble quickly due to lactose and the use of cheap milk proteins. With this, only positive words about it! Also suitable for men!


We love a good snack! Our high protein products are perfect for whipping up the yummiest healthy recipes. Whether you need a tasty protein snack on the go or want to spice up your breakfast, we’ve got the recipe. Discover all our FITSHE recipes that are created to support your active body.
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16 February, 2022Detox Smoothie


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