At FITSHE we developed 100% natural products to support women in their active lifestyle. But we wanted to do more. Therefore, we support female change leaders in India. We do this together with 99 other special and driven Dutch women that together form Odisha’s 100, an initiative of The Hunger Project.


Our goal? Putting an end to hunger in Odisha, a state in eastern India in which many people live below poverty standards. But a silent revolution has commenced in Odisha. Tens of thousands of illiterate women from the most rural areas are towing their villages out of deep poverty. On their own, they already move mountains, but united they are an unstoppable force that reaches unparalleled results.

1 out of 4 people living in hunger worldwide lives in India. Despite steady economic growth, not everyone manages to reap the benefits. Daily, 194 million people in India don’t have sufficient access to nutritious food. And this is happening while hunger is the biggest solvable problem in the world.

But female members of the local councils offer huge opportunities. Due to new quota, Indian women are increasingly engaged in political positions. 1,3 million women are a member of a local council. They set the local agenda and arrange new facilities for their communities. In theory, at least. Because in reality, many women still enjoy fewer rights than men. Yet, they reach remarkable results with help of training, smart usage of existing subsidies, courage, confidence and cooperation. With Odisha’s 100 we aim to support these women.

“As FITSHE we’re proud to contribute to this cause. We developed our products to support women in leading an active lifestyle, but we’re honoured to bring our support to strong women around the globe who use their powers to improve the world.”



You too can support directly with your purchase!

Besides our regular support to The Hunger Project, FITSHE donates 10% of your purchases directly to The Hunger Project from March 8th to March 12th. Visit out shop and contribute directly with your purchase!

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About The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project invests in people by making them aware of their own abilities. They achieve this by stimulating leadership, entrepreneurship, and cooperation. To let people take their fate into their own hands. Together, but generally also together with their local governments. Because people with hunger and not the problem, they themselves are the solution.

The Hunger Project operates in 12 lower-income countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Always together with local employees and millions of local volunteers. Operations are that efficient, that according to the Dutch National NGO test, The Hunger Project achieved the highest possible scale on impact.

Women are crucial in food production. But in many countries, they don’t have access to education, money, or powerful positions. Hence much potential remains unused. The Hunger Projects supports women to have their voices heard, and put an end to hunger.


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